Anniversaries and Birthdays!

Dear Sister,

I will be launching the Second Edition of my memoir on Friday, April 17th. It is three weeks later than my mother’s birthday–which happens to be her mother’s Birthday. My mother and I celebrate our Birthday’s in March.

My mother was the first woman in her family to be diagnosed with breast cancer. I have a habit of doing things in three’s. Three sons. I have three very close friends and I am currently working on three things at the same time. I also celebrated the third anniversary of being cancer-free earlier this year. As a result, I will be offering the Kindle version of my book for 99 cents for three days beginning on April 17th, then the price will go up to, you guessed it….$3.00!

As a breast cancer survivor, I am sure most of us can appreciate the value of Anniversaries and Birthdays. It means we have survived another year. Hopefully, we have accomplished something worthwhile during the previous year. Perhaps we have learned a new skill, improved ourselves in some way or made a difference in the life of the people around us.

The reason I decided to publish a Second Edition is mainly because I wanted to correct most of the typographical errors and bring my dear sisters up-to-date on my life. I want you to continue to learn from my experiences and would love to hear about and learn from yours. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as validation.

Enjoy your day!  Chris 

P.S. Here is a ‘sneak peak’ of the cover of the Second Edition of Dear Sister, My Bathroom Mirror Saved My Life.

BookCoverPreview for the Second Edition of Dear Sister


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