Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

Dear Sisters,

Today’s post is about living your life without regrets. Since I recently made a Top 10 List on the Benefits of Being Boobless to promote the Second Edition of my breast cancer memoir: Dear Sister, My Bathroom Mirror Saved My Life, I thought it might be fun to make a Top 10 List on the things that I do NOT regret doing. Feel free to share yours in the comment section.

Things I have NEVER regretted doing:

10. Making someone laugh. When you live in Cleveland, it is very easy to talk about the weather and get a laugh. It is an excellent ice-breaker introduction for most conversations.

9. Sharing my favorite treat with family and friends. Maybe someday that ‘last ten pounds’ will leave if I do this often enough.

8. Surprising someone with a note or a small gift as a token of my appreciation.

7. Showing patience to cashier’s or other people when they are clearly having a bad day.

6. Answering my phone when I am working when a friend or one of my children calls. Of course they only call when I don’t have time to talk. I have discovered that when this happens, the rest of my day is more productive.

5. Exercising! Making time to exercise releases those endorphins faster than anything that I can do and the effects last for several hours.

4. Spending time working on a hobby. This usually means reading a book-even if it’s only for ten minutes. I love feeding my mind and learning something new.

3. Feeding the missionaries that serve in my church. These young men have dedicated two years of their lives to doing the Lord’s work at their own expense. The least I can do is provide a meal for them once in a while.

2. Going to church on Sunday. It gives me a chance to ‘recharge’ my spiritual batteries. I disconnect myself from my computer and spend the day with the Lord and my family. Since my boys have moved out, they call me every Sunday to stay connected.

1. Writing my breast cancer memoir. Sharing myself with my dear sisters of all faiths is the number one reason that I wrote my book. It has brought me the greatest joy to know that my story has helped someone who is on a similar journey.

Enjoy your day!



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