Benefit #9 of Being Boobless-NO MORE MAMMOGRAMS!

Dear Sisters,

I believe most of you know that the second edition of my book: Dear Sister, Today Is… is now available on Amazon and Kindle.

I thought I would have a little bit of fun and share some of the benefits of being boobless. Today I am sharing #9. If you would like to know what the rest are on my Top 20 list, purchase my book. They are located in Chapter 5, titled: Matters of Life and Breast. If you purchase my book and write a review, I will email you a copy of my Potato Salad recipe. (See my video for more information….)

Benefit # 9 is……NO MORE MAMMOGRAMS! Why? Because I have no more ‘mammo’s to gram!’ I do not miss having my breasts squished and exposing my body to radiation. Most of the time when I had my mammograms, my breasts were swollen and tender. Talk about adding insult to injury! Or is that injury to insult my intelligence? 

Add to that, younger women (women under the age of 50, have denser breast tissue than older, menopausal women which makes detecting cancer more difficult. Cancer cells and breast tissue look identical. I ALWAYS NEEDED an ultrasound assist. 

Here is the link to an excellent article explaining WHY mammograms are NOT the best device for detecting breast cancer….especially in younger women!

Enjoy your day!



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