From Soccer Moms to CEO’s-Toastmasters International IS for you!

Good afternoon Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I am going to take a different approach to this post today. After all, it IS Independence Day, and I do still have that right and privilege.

As the new Vice President of Public Relations of my local Toastmasters International group, I shared my first Public Relations speech last week. The title: From Soccer Mom’s to CEO’s-Toastmasters International is for you!

When most people hear: Toastmasters, they think of Public Speaking. This is the number one fear for most people. Their second fear is death. After facing my own mortality almost four years ago with a breast cancer diagnoses, I can tell you that Public Speaking is a lot more fun!

Did you know that the motto for Toastmasters International is: Where Leaders are Made? ALL of us are leaders or can be regardless of our profession. That is why the title of this blog is: From Soccer Moms to CEO’s-Toastmasters International is for you!


Everybody talks, but how many people actually know how to communicate? Do you know what the difference is?

Let’s define talk: To speak, to converse, to gossip.

For example, did you hear what my best friend did after the meeting last week? (Don’t worry…….your secrets are safe with me!)

Let’s define communicate: To make known, to transmit, to exchange news.

For example, did you know that the genetic link for women who are diagnosed with breast cancer is only 15%?

The first manual most people complete after they join Toastmasters is the Competent Communicator manual. There are ten speeches with instructions about how to write and deliver a speech in five to seven minutes. Each one focuses on a different skill that is necessary in fine-tuning your communication skills.

That is the introduction to my speech, to find out how you can improve your communication and leadership skills for your next Board Meeting or Company Workshop, get in touch with me via the contact form at the bottom of the page. Write Toastmasters and any other comments you may have in the comments section! Thank you!

Enjoy your weekend!




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