Tryon a Colored Tangle

Dear Sisters,

I went to a class on Zentangle Art Therapy at the: Moving Forward With Breast Cancer support group that I attend at the hospital where I had my bilateral mastectomy almost three years ago.

This therapy has been extremely beneficial to me for reducing stress and managing anxiety attacks.

I have been an avid doodler for over two decades. It’s what Telemarketers like me do when we are on hold or when we are talking on the phone.

Zentangle Art Therapy has turned into an obsession for me. I don’t consider my designs to be art, but most of the people that I show my work to….do! For me, this is fun. I love to color! I do not follow the traditional designs. I have created my own that I will be calling: Tryon’s Colored Tangles.

I am following the advice of my Toastmasters mentor and my daughter-in-law. I am going to share my artwork with you and let you vote on which designs you like the best. I have over 500 to choose from! I will post a few each week. The design that receive the most votes, I will use as marketing material for my speeches. Some of them could be turned into book marks or as T-Shirt designs. I have a dear sister who is interested in using them in her promotional materials.

Here a few designs to get you started. Please vote in the comments section. Give the number of the picture that you like the best!

Design # 2838
Design # 2838
Design #2840
Design #2840
Design #2841
Design #2841

Enjoy your day!



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