More Tangles and the Winner is……

Thank you dear sisters for visiting my website last week. I had a record number of new visitors in a single day on July 11th. I wish more of you had taken the time to vote!

I have three more Tangles to share with you along with the winner. Most of you took the time to vote on my Facebook page. Feel free to follow me there and cast your vote on this week’s Tangles.

Last weeks winner was…..2841!   The Winner!

Here are three more for your voting pleasure! I finished two of them this week. Once again, include the number of the Tangle in the comment section that you like the best!

# 2848
# 2848
# 2849
# 2849
# 2850
# 2850

Enjoy your weekend and remember to vote for your favorite Tangle!


P.S. As an added bonus, I created a Logo. Let me know if you like it or if I should make a different one!

Tryon's  Colored Tangle's Logo
Tryon’s Colored Tangle’s Logo

3 thoughts on “More Tangles and the Winner is……

  1. Thank you for commenting Josh, Ginger and Teresa. I like all three and it is very difficult for me to be objective about my own work. I do agree with you on #2850 after seeing it on the computer screen. My favorite from last week did not win.


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