Top 10 Questions Answered by: Dear Sister, Today Is…

Dear sister, Today Is...

Dear Sister,

Today is a beautiful Monday morning. My book: Dear Sister, Today Is…became available on Amazon for purchase on Saturday.

There are lots of reasons why people choose to purchase a book. Most people are looking for answers to specific questions. They want to know WHY they should BUY!

I polled my ‘dear sisters’ and asked them to come up with a Top 10 List of the questions they believe: Dear Sister, Today Is…answers. Here they are for your consideration.

1) Steps for gaining a diagnosis (Doctor visits and signs to watch for)

2) What happens in the case of a diagnosis (What to expect)

3) The emotional stages that are present after diagnosis.

4) How to overcome those above mentioned stages (How to come out on the other side)

5) The types of treatments available.

6) The affects of those treatments.

7) How to maintain emotional health during those treatments.

8) How to maintain physical health during those treatments.

9) Discussing with others family/friends other survivors also known as: Support groups and their benefits.

10) How to maintain positive attitude and to remain inspired.

I am going to add one more: 11) Alternatives to prescription drugs. What I decided to do when I could no longer handle the side-effects of Arimidex. It is what has been working for me for almost two years. I would like to encourage you to do your homework and discover what could possibly work for you.

Enjoy your day!



2 thoughts on “Top 10 Questions Answered by: Dear Sister, Today Is…

    1. I agree Damyanti. A sense of humor helps to maintain a positive attitude. I prefer to focus on everything that I have gained instead of everything that I have lost. Thank you for your comment.


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