Feel Good Friday: Top 10 List: Why I Wear Fake Boobs

Ginger's picture of ME on June 24, 2014

Dear Sisters,

Today is Flat and Fabulous Friday on Facebook. It was my intention to post this blog on Tuesday and refer to it as: Tuesday’s Top 10 Tuesday edition. It is quite clear that that did not happen. I am going to try to start posting two blogs/week. Top 10 Tuesday and Feel Good Friday. Today, I am combining both.

I have been rehearsing my: Benefits of Being Boobless speech for our Toastmasters Humorous Speech contest next week. I have posted two youtube video’s, but I have chosen to remove them. It usually takes me three tries to get something right. (I have three sons. Either that or…three strikes and you’re out! Enough said! If I win, I will post that video here first.

Most of my Flat and Fabulous sisters choose NOT to wear fake boobs, also known as: Foobs. I wear mine most of the time. Here are the Top 10 Reasons Why I Wear Fake Boobs:

10. I want to look and feel normal

9. I do NOT want to have foreign objects inside my body. (I had 7 removed that tried to kill me!)

8. I do not want people to stare at my chest for the opposite reason that they used to stare at my chest. (I WAS 40 inches on top four years ago. I am 60 inches tall! You do the math!)

7. Fake boobs look more natural than implants.

6. Fake boobs feel more natural than implants.

5. Fake boobs come in several sizes and they do not require additional surgery. Why settle for being one size?

4. If you have a blouse that won’t quite button, you can always put on a smaller pair. No more dieting!

3. Fake boobs offer protection on my chest when I hug people or when I am wearing a seat belt.

2. They are detachable-which makes sleeping more comfortable.

  1. Fake boobs will never sag….unless I wear a Genie bra!

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Labor Day!



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