Happy New Year! A Pinched Nerve and Cabbage-Potato Soup

Dear Sister,

There are quite a few posts regarding making and keeping New Year’s Resolutions. One of my favorites is quite realistic and comes from one of my dear Google+ sisters.

I am going to take a different approach. Almost two weeks ago, I spent too much time sleeping in an uncomfortable position and jammed my left shoulder creating an enormous amount of pain and a pinched nerve that still has not healed.

You can learn more from painful experiences than you can from pleasant ones and most of the time, you never forget the lessons. 

The number one thing that we learn is that we don’t like being in pain and it is better to avoid situations that will cause them than try to heal them later.

What has having a pinched nerve taught me that you can apply to your own life and achieving your goals this year?

A stands for Ask. Ask for help. Most people are willing to help you if you ask them nicely. There is no place for sarcasm and cynicism when you are disabled or trying to learn something new.

Be stands for: Be specific with what your needs are be and  patient with the person you are asking. It also helps to be grateful to the person who is helping you…especially if you have to live with that individual.

C stands for: Consult. Consult with the individual who is helping you so that they understand what your concerns and needs are and what they can do to help you. Most people are also looking for a mutually satisfying outcome for both parties.

My mother used to say that if you wanted to have good luck in the New Year, you had to have Cabbage and Pork. She loved sauerkraut and kielbasa. This is a dish that will NEVER be on my list of favorite meals.

I did come across a pretty good recipe for Cabbage and Potato soup earlier this week and I am all for having a bacon sandwich from time to time. One problem: I only have the use of one arm and making this soup is not something that I can do by myself.

Let’s apply the A, B, C’s of getting it made.

A. I asked my husband for help with chopping vegetable’s, adding water and putting a huge pot on the stove.

B. Be specific in your request. I showed him how to use my salad shooter to speed up the process of chopping the vegetables. I told him what I needed him to do and what my concerns were. (I can’t lift anything heavier than a pencil with my left hand). (I am very independent and resourceful when it comes to getting things done, so it is not always easy to see that I actually need help when I do).

C. Consult. I consulted with him so that he would know what to do and what my concerns were and most importantly when I needed to get it done. I also made it a point to ask for his help when he was awake and not doing anything terribly important.

How did I show my gratitude? I let him sample some when it was done.

Are you ready to sample the Cabbage-Potato Soup? If so, leave a comment and I will send you the recipe!

Enjoy your day and Happy New Year!





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