Author photo July 2015

Dear Sister,

Christine is more than a wife and a mother to her boys’ of three-

All of them are adults now and are beginning to see

What is truly important in their lives is faith, friendship and family.

That is one reason why she wrote a memoir about her breast cancer journey.

It is her deepest desire to share: Dear Sister, Today Is…to help you untangle

Fact from fiction and what surviving and thriving is…

Christine is a member of Toastmasters

Their organization has taught her more than mastering the toast-

Learning about vocal variety, communicating with body language and props

Has given her several reasons to…boast.

Where Leaders are Made is the Toastmasters motto!

Christine’s messages are designed to inspire, entertain and leaving you laughing so much

You will think you have won the lotto!

She believes that living after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis

Is about more than surviving…

She’s on a mission to help you untangle the myths surrounding:

Disease prevention, reconstruction, testing and so much more…

So you can commence your journey to thriving!

Enjoy your day!



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