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Dear sister, Today Is...

Dear Sister,

Have you ever wished that you had a tour guide to help you navigate the difficult decisions that come along with receiving a breast cancer diagnosis?

Allow me to be your tour guide as you join me on my personal journey. I believe that you will quickly discover that we have a lot more in common besides “our disease. ”

For those of us who have been initiated into this ‘sisterhood’ that no woman ever willingly joins, I want you to know that I wrote: Dear Sister, Today Is…just for you or someone you love.

Enjoy your day!
Chris Tryon


Dear Sister,

I decided to write a poem just for you to describe what you will find in: Dear Sister, Today Is…that will benefit your loved ones and you!

Poem to introduce Chapter One of Dear Sister, Today Is…

A firm foundation of faith can take years to build

It can only be accomplished through hard work by the skilled.

The security, joy and peace that it can bring

Will ease our pain and allow our hearts to openly sing.

All too often we wait to start building our faith,

Until we or someone that we love is facing death.

Then we begin to search, bargain, beg and pray for it

With our every breath.

We begin to become acutely aware

That living, life and love

Are the most precious gifts than can be given to us

By our eternal God above.

Sisters, family and friends are a wonderful core,

Especially when they honestly love us and never keep score,

Of all of the bad things that we may have said and done

And make time to be there for us and thoroughly have fun!

This untangles a few of the mysteries of…

what you will find in Dear Sister, Today Is…Chapter One.

If you are inspired by the poem that you just read,

You can purchase your own soft copy or Kindle Version of my book

And you will have fewer things to dread.

Enjoy your day!






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