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Kindle book cover August 7 2015

“I love your book cover! I especially like the description of the series of letters about your personal journey. I believe that was what captured me and brought me into your world and our shared journey. I can’t tell you how many times I have read your book as my personal support person allowing me to see the road ahead. You have been my cheerleader of sorts. You validate still my feelings and bring me into your world. We are at the kitchen table having coffee or tea…Thank you Chris. I thank God every day for your gift of sharing your gift!” Carolyn Geiersbach-Lillie Haire: Breast cancer survivor.

“No matter who you are…as a woman the words, “breast cancer” can produce jagged edges of fear within and a desire to avoid the subject. Dear Sister, Today Is…faces this subject head on with strength, clarity, humor and love.” Michelle C. Jordan.

“I have a friend who also went through breast cancer, but not a mastectomy. I know that if she were going through it now…a book like yours would offer help because she would know that someone else was going through the same worries, fears and the pain.” Carol E. Wyer, Author of, “Grumpy Old Menopause.”

“Dear Sister, is the touching memoir of one woman’s battle with breast cancer. Author Christine Tryon writes with strength, courage and humor about her challenges with breast cancer. Her letter-style entries give readers a peak into the aspects of breast cancer that they might not have thought of, like bra-shopping post-mastectomy, and the good, the bad and the ugly of body image changes. And through it all, Tryon captures the way her family, friends and faith guided her through this dark period and allowed her to emerge stronger.” Kristina Ludwig: Author of, “Amish Valentine, Rumspringa Break, Amish Summer and Mercy’s Fall.

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As a fellow survivor of breast cancer, I can tell you that the disease is a woman’s worst nightmare. Chris Tryon first faces her diagnosis and then subsequently her journey through cancer with extraordinary courage. While everyone has their own journey, there are elements with which I am intimately familiar; the initial shock, the sorting out of options and being your own advocate in the treatment choices, as well as the doctors whom you choose to treat you. Chris more than once hints at the struggle she had in rising above depression and finding a purpose for it all. I found her accounts of having friends help her pick out new clothes the most poignant, as she comes to peace with her new body. Breast cancer changes you and Chris now works diligently in support of what causes this disease in the first place. For that she gets my deepest respect. I recommend this book highly. Mercia Jane Tapping.


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